Changing Lives One Student, Family, and Community at a Time…

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As we stand on the brink of a new school year and the exciting anticipation of Launch Sunday, I’m thrilled to share our latest stories of divine favor that’s been weaving through our church planting journey in Fort Worth. 

It’s stories of doors swinging wide open and partnerships blooming, all orchestrated by the hand of the One true and Almighty God.

Amid the hustle and bustle that accompanies the start of a school year, we were incredibly blessed to find ourselves sitting across the table from none other than Dr. Angélica Ramsey, the esteemed Superintendent of Fort Worth ISD. 

Can you believe that? 

Amidst her whirlwind of responsibilities, she took the time to meet with us and discuss the powerful potential of collaboration between churches and schools to nurture our children and families in Fort Worth.

The meeting unfolded like a tapestry of divine insights and ideas, revealing how churches can play a pivotal role in supporting community initiatives, fostering literacy, and showering our hardworking teachers with well-deserved appreciation.

One of the brightest gems of our conversation was hearing from Marta Plata, the passionate Executive Director of Parent Partnerships.

Marta and her team work tirelessly to strengthen various departments within Fort Worth ISD:

And, Marta’s driving force behind her passion? It’s a little something she calls SING: Sustainability, Intentional living, Never losing focus, and Giving Credit where it’s due.

This concept of purposeful, heart-driven service truly struck a chord. Marta believes that true success, the kind that transforms lives and communities, rests on a foundation of intentionality and a commitment to serve and treat all people with dignity and integrity. 

Talk about a new song that we all should live to SING. But the symphony of connections didn’t end there. 

Through Marta’s guidance, we were introduced to John Shearer, the Executive Director of Academy 4.

This incredible organization champions hope and change among underprivileged fourth graders, aiming to provide mentorship to every single one within Fort Worth ISD.

As someone who has witnessed the blossoming impact of mentorship firsthand through our sending church birthing Mosaic Mentors years ago, this news filled my heart with joy. It was a harmonious alignment that spoke to our souls, personally and organizationally. 

And so, a new chapter begins. We’re embarking on a journey with Academy 4 to bring forth Mosaic Mentors in Fort Worth, engaging our congregation to mentor and empower young lives in our community.

So, hold onto your hats because this is just the beginning! Our journey is becoming an exhilarating dance of engagement, establishment, equipping, and empowerment. God is leading us, step by step, to transform lives—one student, one family, one community at a time.

Your unwavering support, both in prayers and finances, is the heartbeat of God’s mission for us. As led by the Spirit, it’s what fuels the transformation on campuses and neighborhoods across Fort Worth

Together, we’re bringing the radiant light of Jesus to places, things, and, most importantly, to the hearts of people who need Him most.

Alvin & Mallary Brown 2021

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Together, let’s make this next year one to remember as we reach even more people with the message of hope and salvation through Jesus.

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