Living Big Through Love Acts

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As we enter into the month of giving thanks, November, our growing community of believers and followers of Jesus explores what it means to live lives devoted to unity in community. Of course, this comes on the heels of October’s lives devoted to the second of Mosaic’s core values, Worship, as outlined in the early chapters of the Book of Acts.

What does it mean to embody unity in community? 

Our world longs for community and unity, yet humanity often searches for it in all the wrong ways. The world proclaims we can and must create our own paths to unity, yet these paths all lead to the very thing our hearts held hostage long to escape: disunity.

So then, is unity, and furthermore, unity in community, a real, tangible thing to be expressed or simply a figment of our imaginations? Yes.

Unity and unity in community are real things.  One must look no further than our Triune God to witness the embodiment of unity and unity in community as displayed in the deferential relationship shared between the Father, Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. 

For it is by One Eternal God, existing in three persons, that we are given the gift of unity to maintain how we relate to God and others where we live, work, and play.  Given through the Holy Spirit and kept through the bond of peace in Christ Jesus, our hearts can be freed from the bondage of sin to experience the oneness of unity in community as God always intended—through sacrificial, generous living.

The Holy Spirit empowers us as Jesus’ church to graciously and voluntarily be generous in caring and sharing for the needy, as Jesus expressed sacrificial generosity when dying to save a world lost in sin.

Jesus didn’t simply say he would die in words. No, He committed himself to the Gospel for our sake through his actions—to shedding his blood and body for us to be made whole in His image and reconciled in relationship to Our Heavenly Father without bearing the penalty and the blemishes of our sins now and in the life to come.

The Gospel was not just lip service to the early church, nor should it be or can it be for us today as the church of Jesus maintaining unity in community.  

The Gospel is practical and must be made and kept practical through our words and how we live in oneness of heart and mind to be the practical hands and feet of Jesus through our generosity to God and others.

The early Church of Acts knew that generosity is not simply to understand in our head, but it must also make its way to our hearts, transforming our behaviors and desires to be more like Jesus, our Savior and Lord. 

When we, too, remember what the Gospel of Jesus does that we can’t do for ourselves, it’s out of the purest love, an agape love—a love for God and His people—that we become generous people with our time, talents, and treasures as we unite in our identities in Jesus and share our lives together in community. 

Why? Because when the community around us, when the city around us, when our neighbors around us see and feel and know that kind of love, the love that Jesus poured out for us, when they see that, in a way, it’s like preaching the Good News to them. It’s like sharing our Gospel with them.

When our faith and our love overflow into everyone else, they feel what the early church of Acts felt: the Good News that Jesus loves them and this world is not all there is, and God is active in the world and is coming near to them once again—Heaven is coming to earth.

The Gospel of Jesus can come through the “good news” of Mosaic Church, through the story we live out when maintaining unity in community. And in a way, the good news of Mosaic Church can point to the Gospel of Jesus.

So, what if, one time a year, we could collectively pool our resources and give in a way that impacted an organization in our community in an unforgettable way? 

What if we gave to something outside the scope of our local church so generously that it maybe even changed the course of another ministry or organization? 

And so we embodied unity in community to live big through a generous love act to do for one what we wish we could do for all, raising $1,945.47 and giving every last penny to LoveActs—an organization that sits at the intersection of one of many causes Mosaic Church is passionate about: the unhoused community, which is significant in our city as is many other cities across the United States.

LoveActs was formed and co-founded by Salvador Cariaga, Tony Grant (current President), and the late David Lockie, working with the Homeless community of the East Lancaster Street area in Fort Worth, Texas, in October 2017.

LoveActs addresses homelessness and substance abuse by providing individuals with long-term solutions for self-sustainability through faith-based guidance. 

Individuals are paired with Christian mentors in one-on-one mentoring relationships as they receive practical services—personal hygiene, food and clothing, family reunification, critical document assistance, rehabilitation, employment assistance, housing & home establishment, and more. This method of coaching recovery and support services aims at the end goal of both physical and spiritual transformation, guiding individuals towards reconciliation with God, self, family, and community.

They serve roughly 500 adults and run on a shoestring budget (and that’s being generous), but they find a way to make it work, serving those who have nowhere to go, no one to care for them, and don’t know where to turn next with hope and the love of Jesus. They’re reputable, and we have vetted them as much as possible.

Love Acts Co-Founder and President Tony Grant and Alvin Brown meeting for the first time.

And though we can’t do everything we want for organizations like this, we can give them a day they won’t forget, making a permanent difference in the lives of those in crisis—which Co-Founder and President Tony Grant passionately referenced when we met him to gift them this unexpected love act of what it means for the church of Jesus to embody unity in community.

It’s moments like these that make me, as it should all of us, all the more grateful and generous to and for the One who died for all, so that through His love act, we could be liberated from the death of sin into a life of unity in community, where heaven comes to earth, in this life and the one to come.

As Jesus did for us, uniting us, his one lost sheep, back to the 99, we must always do for the next person until the day of his return. 

That’s a unity and community worth fighting for!

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