Miracles: Pray and Fast With The Browns.

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Happy New Year!  The Browns pray that your holiday has been a good one filled with the joy, peace, hope, and love of Christ.  

It’s our hope that you finished 2022 well, and entered into 2023 having established healthy and balanced life rhythms.  

2023 is already off to a fast start and bang for The Browns!

The kiddos are back in school, playing sports, and Mallary and I are back on our work assignments.

I recently traveled to Orlando, Florida with Texas Christian University (TCU) students in tow to attend the Every Nation’s ENC 2023 National Conference — nearly 2,000 college students in attendance along with other Every Nation pastors from across the nation.

The ENC 2023 National Conference was truly a key faith-building moment for Mosaic Church Fort Worth and our college students as we aim our hearts to launch an official campus ministry at TCU in 2023.

Another key faith-building moment is joining over 450 churches in our global family of churches — Every Nation, as we pray, fast, and consecrate ourselves in 2023 to see God’s miraculous power be made known to the world in and through our lives.

Every Nation 2023 Prayer, Fasting, and Consecration
January 9-13, 2023
Miracles :: Let Him Be Known

Watch this quick video to hear Steve Murrell, Every Nation’s President, and why you should believe in and want God’s miracles to be true.

Why pray, fast, and consecrate ourselves?  Well, the easy answer is that Jesus prayed, fasted, and consecrated himself. And so should we.

But more in-depth, praying, fasting, and consecrating ourselves are spiritual tools God uses to advance his kingdom, change the destiny of nations, spark revival, and bring victory in people’s lives. And one way God does this is through miracles.

In 2023, we are believing God for miracles that will testify to his power and create new opportunities for the gospel to advance in communities and on campuses across the greater Fort Worth metroplex — to the ends of the earth.  

So join us as we aim our all — heart, mind, body, and spirit/soul — toward God’s vision to witness miracles in the lives of those of us walking closely with Him daily, and all the more for the lives of the lost living far from Him.

And before I forget… I’ll share more details in the coming weeks about kicking off a Bible study to further establish Mosaic Church Fort Worth in advancing the gospel and making disciples for Jesus. That’s it for now! 

Listed below are downloadable guides to help prepare and plan your fast:

Every Nation's Miracles 2023 :: Download PDF Guide

Devotional Guide

The devotional material will focus on miracles from the book of Acts. Through these miracles, we see God showing his love for people, resulting in the kingdom of God advancing.

Family Guide

Help your family believe God for miracles with the Family Devotional Guide. Whether fasting or simply participating in daily prayer times, there are many ways the whole family can draw closer to God together.

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