Stronger: The Sword of the Spirit. 

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Hi there! I have an exciting update to share with you. 

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Liberty Hill, Texas, to share the wonderful message of Jesus with the congregation at Vintage Church Liberty Hill

Pastor Alvin preaching at Vintage Church Liberty Hill.

This church is led by our dear friends and pastors, Nathan and Ashley Brown. It’s been an amazing journey for the Browns and Vintage Church Liberty Hill since they planted themselves in the heart of rapidly growing Liberty Hill nearly two years ago.

Now, two years later, I had the privilege of being part of week 7 in their 8-week sermon series, “Stronger,” which takes us on a journey through the book of Ephesians.

In this particular sermon, titled “The Sword of the Spirit,” we dive deep into Ephesians 6:17, with a specific focus on the latter part of the verse. Here, we uncover a profound truth: 

Our victory in spiritual battles is rooted in the tools that God has graciously provided, particularly the sword of the Spirit—God’s Word.

We also explore why Paul, in his writings, associated this powerful spiritual weapon with “the sword that conquered the world.” 

Furthermore, we discuss two incredible sources of strength available to all believers, especially when facing the challenges of spiritual warfare.

If you’re curious about how to overcome the spiritual forces that may stand in opposition to your life as a Christian, I invite you to listen to the sermon below. You’ll also gain practical insights into three effective strategies for navigating these spiritual challenges.

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