We Believed for a Miracle…

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Our journey has been nothing short of miraculous. Let’s rewind the clock and relive the remarkable story of how God turned a dream into reality.

It all began on a momentous Sunday, March 27, 2022, when Mosaic Church Austin, our sending church, cast a vision that would set the course of our lives

The vision was clear: our family was destined for Fort Worth, Texas, to plant Mosaic Church Fort Worth—a mission with one foot in the community and the other on campus.

On that memorable day, our family, along with friends, church members, and the Mosaic Church Fort Worth launch team, gathered during service and shared a special moment. It was a heartfelt occasion at Mosaic Church Austin, commemorating God’s hand in expanding His Kingdom.

Shortly thereafter, we hosted our inaugural launch team meeting for those interested in moving from Austin to Fort Worth. Weeks later, we bid farewell during our final Sunday service in Austin, delivering a parting message that marked the beginning of our journey toward Fort Worth.

Then, as led by God, we initiated a weekly prayer call via Zoom. Our prayers sought the transformative power of Jesus’ Gospel to impact us, our city, and its residents—which gathers every Wednesday from 8 pm to 9 pm.

It didn’t take long for us to truly embed ourselves in the Fort Worth community and campus life at Texas Christian University (TCU). 

In a remarkably short span, God orchestrated our swift relocation from Austin to Fort Worth, favoring us with a new home, connecting us with a unified group of pastors known as Plant Fort Worth, and introducing us to a passionate first-year TCU student, Joya Ogier

Joya, burning with a desire for the Lord, became a key person in our journey, driven to establish an Every Nation Campus ministry at TCU.

As our kids settled into their new schools and sports activities, and our house transformed into a warm and welcoming home, we threw open our doors to our neighbors. Hosting bi-weekly dinners became the cornerstone of building community and connecting with our neighbors on a deeper level.

Our commitment to helping others, guided by God’s calling, bore fruit when we were blessed with the opportunity to hold a Christmas Eve and Candlelight service to conclude 2022

In addition, we had the privilege of sending three TCU students to the Every Nation Student Conference in Orlando, Florida, to kickstart 2023. And, of course, we celebrated the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus, on Resurrection Sunday.

Miracles seemed to unfold one after another, connections were forged, and doors swung wide open, positioning us as witnesses to God’s continuous and wondrous movement.

But among these precious memories, one stands out—the moment we prayed and inquired about leasing a school for our weekly gatherings, starting on September 10th, Launch Sunday.

Our prayers were answered with approval from the school principals and Fort Worth ISD. While we encountered challenges, such as delays in the construction of our preferred school, God’s faithfulness prevailed. We secured a school just minutes away from our desired location.

In fact, we gathered one Sunday prior to Launch Sunday, meticulously planning every detail of our Sunday morning experience.

Praying for God’s presence to be present and be made known to our community, campuses, and Fort Worth through the planting of Mosaic Church Fort Worth.

We shared a pizza party and concluded our time with fervent prayers for God’s presence to shine brightly throughout our community, on campuses, and across Fort Worth through the birth of Mosaic Church Fort Worth.

Through unwavering faith and prevailing prayers, a miracle unfolded before our eyes. On Sunday, September 10, 2023, God transformed a dream into reality: Mosaic Church Fort Worth. 🚀

Words cannot capture the awe, the sounds of joy, or the emotions that washed over us as we witnessed something greater and more beautiful than we could have imagined. It echoed the early Church’s mission in the book of Acts—making disciples of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

From the realm of the seemingly impossible, we beheld a miracle. We believed in it, and we continue to believe in the many more that will follow.

Though Launch Sunday has passed, our hearts burn even brighter with a passion for making disciples of Jesus and witnessing the miraculous transformation of Fort Worth.

We believe, and we pray that you’ll believe with us. Join us at our next gathering, and embark on this incredible journey as we journey together to the ends of the earth!

Alvin & Mallary Brown 2021

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